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What does your Basement look like?

A basement is not just another room in your home, out of all home renovation’s, finishing or remodeling a basement offers the best financial return. Finishing a basement will increase the total amount of living space available for your family. At Maywood Custom Homes, we recommend finishing a basement versus adding onto a home as it is less expensive and allows you to utilize the space you already have as part of your home. basement kitchenette Maywood CuBasement finishstom Homes provides professional and affordable experience in basement We understand the unique challenges a basement can pose compared to other areas in the home. Our design team will work with the wide open spaces, low ceilings, water heaters, furnaces, pipes, and heating ducts that can make finishing a basement challenging. With 30 years of remodeling and custom home design, Maywood Custom Homes will use creative designs to make your basement look exactly the way you want.