Basements and Additions

A basement is not just another room in your home, out of all home renovation’s, finishing or remodeling a basement offers the best financial return. Finishing a basement will increase the total amount of living space available for your family. At Maywood Custom Homes, we recommend finishing a basement versus adding onto a home as it is less expensive and allows you to utilize the space you already have as part of your home.

Basement Finishing in Utah

Maywood Custom Homes provides professional and affordable experience in basement finishing. We understand the unique challenges a basement can pose compared to other areas in the home. Our design team will work with the wide open spaces, low ceilings, water heaters, furnaces, pipes, and heating ducts that can make finishing a basement challenging. With 30 years of remodeling and custom home design, Maywood Custom Homes will use creative designs to make your basement look exactly the way you want.

Basement Remodeling Requirements

When it comes to working on a basement, we are required to adhere to Utah building requirements related to building materials. We will test for signs of leaks in the foundation, excess moisture in the area, drainage solutions, and problems with mold. We use different materials to prevent drywall from sagging or dealing with ruined walls if there is a flood. We use well insulated materials that prevent against mold growth, and help to reduce energy costs by keeping your basement warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Additions in Davis County

We provide home addition services to residents in Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber County. Home additions can be a complicated process as we need to focus on more than the aesthetics of your home. Our design team will focus on creating a custom addition design plan to ensure quality, design, and function while being engineered to meet structural requirements. From bump-outs to second-level solutions, our engineers and designers work hard to transform your current home into your dream home!

If you are ready to finish your basement and are located in Northern Utah, Maywood Custom Homes can help. We specialize in basement finishing and you can count on us to provide reliable services and complete your basement finishing project in a timely manner. Contact our design team to learn more about our custom home solutions in Utah (801)546-4666.